Integrated Architecture
& Engineering

Our team services projects from pre-design studies and conceptual design through the construction phase.
Understanding that each project has a unique set of parameters, we tailor our proposed services specifically to each client's needs. For each project we offer our core services, however some clients request pre-design studies as well. Our strong focus in Structural Engineering supports each of our projects as well as being offered separately as structural forensic analysis and structural inspection services. We approach all design from an efficiency and sustainability mindset, and are able to offer sustainable certification if desired.

Core Services

  • Schematic Design

    From initial idea to sketches
    • Collaboration between the Architect and the Client to discuss the Client's ideas and goals
    • Programming for the building to establish a list of spaces and other requirements;
    • Translation the project program into physical schematic drawings of the building such as floor plans and elevations for the Client review and budgeting;
    • Collaboration with Civil Engineer as required.
  • Design Development

    From sketches to detailed drawings
    • Collaboration between the Architect and the Client to discuss the Schematic Design;
    • Development of schematic drawings into detailed drawings of the building, including floor plans, elevations and sections for the Client to review, approval and budgeting;
    • Collaboration with all engineers on the project as required.
  • Construction Docs

    From detailed drawings to construction drawings & specifications
    • Developing detailed building drawings into the final set of drawings and material specifications for building permit, bid and construction;
    • Coordinating with all engineers on the project as required.
  • Permit Application

    We work closely with the local department of permitting services to secure the building permit for construction.
  • Bid

    We develop bid documents, assist the client in procuring bids for construction and help select the winning bid.
  • Construction Administration

    From winning a bid to completing a project
    • Assisting the Client to develop a contract for construction;
    • Interpreting construction documents and monitoring project construction for compliance with construction documents and payments to Contractor;
    • Assisting the Client in project close-out.

Architectural Pre-Design Services

  • Pre-Design Studies

    The first stage of many projects starts with evaluating the opportunities of the site and determining the initial design intent and scope of the project for the Schematic Design Phase. We offer pre-design studies either as a stand-alone service or as part of a larger project. It looks a little different for Residential projects and Large-scale and Commercial Projects
  • For Residential Projects

    • Collaboration with client to understand the client’s dreams and ideas;
    • Reviewing zoning policies and requirements, site history and other information;
    • Topographic surveying as required by site;
    • Investigating and evaluating site potential for building;
    • Compiling evaluation report detailing options and recommendations for maximizing site potential.
  • For Commercial & Large-scale Projects

    • Collaboration with client to discuss the client’s ideas and needs;
    • Topographic site survey;
    • Zoning and detailed evaluation of the site in collaboration with civil engineer;
    • Compiling evaluation report detailing options, as well as our recommendation for maximizing site potential based on development objective;
    • Optional Programming for the building to establish a list of spaces and other requirements;
    • Conceptual design for the selected option.
    View our pre-design studies

Special Services

  • Structural Forensic Analysis

    We investigate and analyze design, engineering and construction problems and determine the causes of building failures. Our final reports detail our findings and provide recommendations on remediation approach.
  • Structural Inspection

    We inspect building structures, focusing on structural integrity and drainage conditions. Our final reports detail our findings and provide our professional opinion on buildings' structural conditions and recommendations on how to address the problems.
  • Sustainable Certification

    LEED & others
    With sustainable and energy efficient design at the core of what we do, we offer LEED or any other sustainability certification services for clients who either choose or are required by local building laws to get a sustainability certification. We recommend checking with your local department of permitting services for laws and incentives for green construction.