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The Lighthouse

Complete reconstruction of an existing house by raising it above flood elevations and adding a dream space for creativity & meditation

After Hurricane Isabel battered his small one-story cottage located on Bear Creek in Dundalk, MD, the owner came to us with the idea of raising the house above flood protection elevation and a sketch for a unique music studio space he was dreaming of turning into a reality. The new house rebuilt on concrete piers 9 feet above the existing grade within the existing footprint doubled the size of the original space. We located all the living areas, kitchen and two bedrooms on the main level and added a spiral staircase to an enormous master suite with two balconies on the second level.The interesting feature is the third level tower accessed by a smaller spiral staircase with which we realized the owner’s true dream. The bright creative space with soaring views of the water gives him the space he needs to create music and meditate.
The Lighthouse before
The Lighthouse front facade another alternate view
The Lighthouse front facade alternate view
The Lighthouse's tower loft and balcony detail